Bedding since 1929

The only place better than home is in our bedding.

Vantona is a brand steeped in British heritage, crafting and supplying premium quality bedding since the 1920’s with a reputation for delivering the very best in designs, quality and service.

We've developed a range of bedding to suit every style, from traditional to contemporary.

Unique design

True to it's British heritage, Vantona continually re-invent it's collections and offer a fashionable range of homewares.

Nurturing the current trends in interior design and utilising its historical archive for inspiration, the brand crafts timeless pieces for every season and for every home.

Our diverse ranges appeal to all homes, from contemporary to tradtional...


An eclectic expressive style….


Affordable trend-led printed range for all the family.


A hotel ambiance in your own home.


Handloom pieces using noble yarns of natural dyes.